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Everyone has suffered from bad breath at least a couple of times throughout their lives. It could have stemmed from forgetting to rinse after a major meal or from eating an odor-emitting food like garlic. The problem begins when your bad breath problem stops being temporary and starts being a constant nuisance that no amount of mouthwash can chase away. This can cause a lot of problems as you function in daily life and can even keep you from interacting with others. Here are some common reasons why you might be plagued with a bad breath problem.

You’re not Brushing or Flossing Properly

We all know the importance of regular teeth brushing and flossing, but dentists say that maybe your bad breath is caused by forgetting to brush your tongue as well and not flossing the right way. Brushing your tongue and flossing between all your teeth and not just the places where food is stuck can help you avoid bad breath by a large percentage. It can also help if you brush or at least rinse thoroughly after every major meal. Rinsing can help keep your mouth hydrated and as dry mouth is a big source of bad breath, sipping water and rinsing your mouth after eating can make a big change. 

You’re not watching What you Drink

As your dentist has probably told you, your morning latte is actually your worst enemy. Dregs of coffee in your mouth can not only cause stains on your teeth but can also make your breath smell extremely foul and strong. Additionally, wine and alcoholic beverages such as beer and whiskey can have a similar impact on your oral hygiene. This is why long-term alcohol consumers have a hard time battling bad breath and always seem to have a significant and strong odor coming from their mouths. Brushing or rinsing can only help alcoholics get rid of this smell considerably.

You’re Always Eating Spicy Food

Garlic, onions, chili peppers, hot sauce and curries are the culprit if your taste buds lean towards spicy food and you’re being plagued by bad breath. All these items elicit extremely strong and significant odors and when pieces of it get stuck in your mouth, the smell can even linger up to twelve or more hours. Additionally, the food particles won’t just get stuck in between your teeth, it will stick to your gums and tongue as well and keep releasing a foul odor. This is why rinsing and flossing after meals are very important.

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