All About Cosmetic Dentistry

Cesarina Li Fonti/ September 17, 2021/ Uncategorised

cosmetic dentistry


Cosmetic dentistry means as an extension of teeth which make them attractive in shape, size, colour, alignment etc. This does not involved in the functioning of teeth but it only focuses the outside appearance of teeth. This type of knowledge need a high level of specialization. Not an unfamiliar person or a little familiar person can do this job. If someone is doing so then it would be considered an unethical action.


  • Primarily there are two fields are present which can do cosmetic dentistry in south yarra and those are prosthodontics and orthodontics. Only these two fields allow people to do a work in cosmetic dentistry.
  • Materials which were used in order to make such cosmetic are gold, amalgam, and some other Metals so after sometime dentist notice that these metals are making inconveniency in making such cosmetics. So after this dentist start using silver and porcelain instead of old metals. This gave them an effective result on their patients.
  • They also use resign adhesive which are completely free from mercury. So today’s dentists are introducing new methods in order to make some new type of cosmetics. They use amalgams in higher quantity because amalgam is also mercury free.
  • Cosmetic dentistry doctors are given by special training which make them more concentrate in their working. The reason for high concentration in cosmetic dentistry is that people don’t want to take risk about their teeth. So they want to follow the fashion but in complete security.
  • Prosthodontists are the dentists which are focused to do work according to the shape of mouth and also to kill the mouth diseases. They also support the structure of teeth and degree of size. In this process the dentist involved in looking those conditions which affect the artificial covering of teeth. The supporting tissues named as periodontium are also in higher consideration.
  • In the orthodontics dentist in prahran are given by special training in order to teeth and jaws irregularities. In this process dentist are also deal with diagnosis of future problems about teeth. They also deal with all age person from poor to youngsters.


  • This make our smile more beautiful and attractive. Same as done in teeth whitening and in dental implants. Rich people are more interested in dental implants and cosmetic dentistry type processes.
  • This procedure boost the young generation’s self-esteem as this youth have more critical thinkers.
  • Many different types of tooth diseases are also killed by applying this method. It reduces the mouth pain and cavity also.
  • Cosmetic dentistry improve the opportunities for the young generation and give them new options to make more than a This is an effective way to reduce un- employment and making our youth perfect in every field.

Teeth whitening is major part of cosmetic dentistry because this is the first step in starting to make accessories for teeth. Some people use different metals for this so whitening is the first and major factor of cosmetic dentistry.

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