Cesarina Li Fonti/ February 27, 2018/ Medical Services

A healthy lifestyle is key to long life. It is everybody’s wish to live in a good health for as long as possible. We like enjoy the worldly pleasures to the maximum. So why on earth would anybody want to suffer and die soon? So we try to eat right, sleep well, exercise and do many more things to extend our lifelines. Still everything is not in our hand and when the time come we should go. There is no harm in trying your best to live long by following a good lifestyle. With the kind of diseases that turn up in this era, humans have degraded their lifelines all too soon.Cancer has increased at an alarming rate in the past decade. The number of patients dying from different types of cancer, has increased exponentially.

Most common are in the breasts and prostrates. Mouth and throat are also common places where this disease occurs. This is mainly due to the lifestyle followed by people today. Women are more prone to this illness due to the fact that breast cancer can easily occur and spread to different areas of the body. All women irrespective of age are advised to get their breasts checked at a breast specialist. This is especially important for women above the age 30. If you are above 50, then you are risk is doubled.Most health insurances cover breast screening and other kinds of checkups, due to the ever increasing rate of illnesses, both hereditary and non-hereditary. Most diseases such as cancer, diabetes etc. can be cured or kept at bay the sooner you find out about it. So it is advised that you get yourself screened through a mammogram test to rule out the possibilities of breast cancer.In the case you have this deadly disease then you need to start treatment as much as possible.

The specialty in this type of cancer is that you can completely eliminate it from spreading by removing the affected breast. If it is spread in both sides, then you need to remove both as it can move on to other organs of the body. Augmentation helps to restore your boobs close to its original form. Breast augmentation before and after might not be the same, but your doctor would do what is best for your health and life.Take care of your most precious feminine body parts before it is too late to turn back. As the saying goes “prevention is better than cure”. This statement stands true as always.

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