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God created man and purveys him all the organs that fit the human body. Every organ has its importance. The brain is the control centre of the body while the heart pumps the blood all over the body that maintains life. The man respires with the lungs. These are the main human organs that regulate the nervous system, circulatory system, and respiratory system. Besides these, many organs are equally prestigious. Here, we discuss the importance of foot and ankle. The ankle is a hinge joint that connects the lower legs with the foot. The baby’s ankle is soft but with time, this joint becomes stronger, and one able to stand on the foot. Standing, walking, running, jumping all reckon on the strength of the ankle. In case of any injury or trauma, anklesurgery has to be done. When the foot and ankle conservative treatments are not fruitful then surgery is the last option for foot and ankle surgeons. The foot and the ankle surgeon in melbourne have the specialization in the respective surgeries:

Types of Ankle surgery:

Ankle Arthroscopy:

It is the first step regarding the ankle surgery. Arthroscopy involves the visual examination of the ankle joint. In arthroscopy, the ankle surgeon scrutinizes the joint and guide for the next step without making a large incision.

Ankle Fracture Repair Surgery:

In case of an accident, the ankle may get fractured, the ankle surgeon repairs the ankle fracture by holding it on the place by pins and bolts. The ankle fracture is repaired by repositioning it with metal plates and screws to hold it firmly.

Ankle Replacement:

The ankle surgeon replaced the damaged ends of the ankle with the prosthetic ankle. This ankle surgery is implemented on advanced arthritis patients.

Ankle Fusion:

In this type of ankle surgery, the ankle surgeon removed the damaged ankle permanently and join the ankle bones with the metal plates. With time, the osteoclast generated and forms the new bone. This ankle surgery is done for the youth that is full of life and has the maximum growth abilities.

Types of Foot Surgery:

Achilles Tendon Repair:

There is a thick Achilles tendon that connects the heel to the calf muscle. In case of an accident, when the tendon is torn, the surgeon repairs it either by hand or foot surgery. Foot surgery is preferable as it resists the infection again and again.

Fusion Surgery:

In case of chronic pain, this foot surgery involves the replacement of the damaged tissues permanently. The adjacent cells are attached by the metal plates. They heal naturally and form the bone cells.

Metatarsal Surgery:

In this type, the foot andankle surgeon cut the metatarsal joint, and reposition it by placing nuts and pins. This is applied to patients with bunions, rheumatoid arthritis, and any type of deformation in the foot.

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