Getting Ready For A Visit At The Podiatrist

Cesarina Li Fonti/ July 8, 2018/ Medical Services

If you have never had an appointment with a podiatrist before, you may want to read the following pieces of information to ensure that you are better prepared for the visit ahead. The doctor will also appreciate the fact that you have taken some time to make his own work a lot easier to do. Furthermore, all of these things do not take a lot of time or effort to accomplish either, so it is always worth trying them out:

List Down All of Your Issues

If possible, try to make a list of all the symptoms you feel before you go to the foot clinic. This information will prove to be invaluable to the doctor to determine what’s exactly wrong with your feet or legs, which can potentially reduce the number of future visits to the clinic and the costs associated with the treatment procedures. You can decide to just keep all these symptoms in your memory, but writing them down may be a better idea if there are several things that you need to mention.

Bring Your Pair of Shoes

Some foot problems are directly related to the type of shoes you normally wear. It doesn’t matter whether you have a regular injury or a sports-related one: bringing with you the shoes that you wear most often can be helpful to see if there is a connection between your frequent ankle sprains or foot discomfort and the layout of the shoes. The doctor can then proceed to recommend you a better pair of footwear to use in future.

Don’t be Afraid to Talk

A lot of people become extremely stiff the first time they visit a clinic for general purpose and sports podiatry North Sydney. There really is no reason to be afraid or ashamed: just talk naturally with your doctor and mention anything of importance. For example, you should clearly state whether you are pregnant (or even if you are planning to get pregnant soon) and whether you have had allergic reactions to certain medicines.

Don’t Do Anything to Your Legs

A lot of women frequently shave their legs when going to see a podiatrist. This is totally unnecessary, and you don’t need to feel embarrassed about it either. In fact, the presence of hairy legs signifies that there is a good amount of blood flowing to your legs and feet, which means that you quite healthy in that respect. Podiatrists also recommend you to not do anything to your nails: that means no pedicure, painting or even trimming. These can cause hindrances when examining your feet, and may also hide signs of infections from the doctor’s eye.

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