Cesarina Li Fonti/ May 23, 2017/ Medical Services

Most young people today neglect their bodies and do not take any notice of their body’s well-being or their health because they are often too busy working on other things and trying to find money. The modern world has become a great competition and a big race to be the best as well as a struggle to survive and therefore, cooking a meal for themselves or getting some exercise is often the last thing on their minds.

Bad posture

You may not know this but having a bad posture and sitting in one place the whole day can cause your body to lose energy and cause depression. Most young people, whether in school or working a full time job, spend close to nine hours in front of a computer at the office and they spend another four to five hours in front of a computer when they get home playing games or watching movies which totals about fourteen hours in front of a computer which can be very dangerous and can cause severe back pain or even permanent back damage.You may have realized that body pain is very common amongst young people and this is the reason that it is common. Many young people spend too much time in front of a computer or a smart phone and have very little exercise cause their energy levels to drop drastically and their bones to start hurting and forming in the wrong positions. A chiropractor Melbourne CBD may help temporarily with less severe problems but when it gets worse there is little that you can do.In fact, this bad lifestyle that young people are leading is even cause slow deformity without their knowledge. It is happening slowly and therefore they do not realize what is happening but it has been seen that with time, over a period of a decade or two, their bodies can be completely deformed due to the way they live. There is little that you can do to solve this problem except changing your lifestyle. While it may be impossible to spend no time in front of the computer, make an effort to reduce the time you spend in that position as much as you possibly can and find other hobbies that require you to exert yourself and give you exercise that your body very badly needs. The human body stores a lot of fat because we are intended to have a lot of exercise in the day finding food and chasing off predators but today, we have no energy at all causing us to become sick and obese.

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