Tips To Be Followed After A Tkr Surgery

Cesarina Li Fonti/ June 5, 2017/ Uncategorised

Medical science has come a long way through the sands of time and some of the modern medical and health approaches will surprise you. Many of us are not aware of these advancement because we usually don’t dig deep in to this subject but this is a must-have knowledge, of course. Especially if you are into sports, or if you work with athletes you might be familiar with these terms and surgeries. A knee damage is more common than you think. There can be cases where you find it difficult to perform day to day activities due to a damaged knee. This can be caused by an injury or a disease and sometimes these injuries cause a lot of pain and discomfort. There are, of course, dozens of ways to address this problem but if they were unable to help you, a TKR surgery is the only solution.

TKR or a Total Knee Replacement surgery is not exactly a replacement surgery. It is a resurfacing procedure and it involves 4 main steps. First, the joint bone has to be prepared. After that metal implants are positioned. Next step is the patellar resurfacing and this is not required sometimes. Final step is inserting the spacer and this spacer provides lubrication required for movement. After a TKR surgery, there are few tips to be followed, so the surgery can become 100% successful.


After resurfacing your knee cap or your patella, you should not move your leg without care. It is recommended to be treated by a good physiotherapist until you restore your health and strength. A good physiotherapist will tell you what to do and what not to do and also, you have to be careful about your food too. That is why consulting an advanced and well experienced physiotherapist is important.

First 24 hours

Knees are subjected to heavy loads, usually. So it is obvious that after a surgery, you should not subject your knees to loads. That is why the first 24 hours after a surgery is extremely vital. If you are an athlete, you might have a personal sports injury surgeon. If not, you can consult one soon after your surgery. He or she will help you and advice you how to behave in the first 24 hours with the aid of nurses and physiotherapists.

Walking aids

Usually, doctors will not let you walk after a TKR surgery because a resurfaced knee cannot withstand loads at first. That is why they recommend you walking aids. Some hospitals provide temporary braces and most of the time people use walking canes and/or other similar devices.

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